Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I don't miss you I miss who you could have been

Does anyone else have those people that were just so amazing and could have been some one and could have changed the world but took a wrong turning some where along the lines and just aren't that person anymore.

Now they are some one that doesn't care enough to try and change the world never mind have the ability to do so. In these cases I miss the person that they could have been and it's always a rather bizarre situation. I mean is it even possible to miss some one that never existed outside the confines of your imagination? If it is possible is it normal of feasible or is it all just a little bit too far fetched to create this perfect image of some one in your head and then be devastated when life doesn't turn out that way?

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  1. I know what you mean with regards to this one - I think especially at our age loads of people are just finding themselves and working out who they are, which makes it even more likely to happen. I certainly know a fair few people who had the potential to be truly amazing individuals but got side tracked by the herd and never realised that potential. And I also keep missing that person they used to be/could have been.