Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Everything Changes

Sometimes the ability of the world to keep changing at such a rate it's almost dizzying amazes me. From something as insignificant as the change and progression of one students (lets say me, for arguments sake) change in the last 12 months to the leaps and bounds in technology, science, health everything in the last 50 years it still amazes me.

These thoughts have primarily stemmed from a admittedly friends and pizza induced conversation with an amazing new friend to how on earth we could have survived without the internet and mobile phones which led me to wonder, how that was possible. To further this the next day I went to visit my elderly grandmother (who said I wasn't a good grandchild??), where the discussion moved swiftly onto my cousins who moved to Australia about three years ago, and how 30 years ago that would have meant saying goodbye forever where as now I can webcam with them and don't think twice about what an amazing gift that is.

Following all of this deep thinking, I started to think about how life is always changing and moving on and forward. Even on the comparatively insignificant version of my own life where in the last 12 months I have moved to a different country, moved in on my own, started university and done 100's of things I never in a million years thought I would do some good (sailing the coast of Scotland being a highlight) some less good (shattering my right wrist whilst kayaking) but regardless all things that have shaped and changed me, for what I think is the better although who am I to judge?

I have spent a while trying to decide if I like this idea of constant change and growth as well what if you don't want to change or to grow? But ultimately the list of things that have been gained through change in every way of life is so amazing and so important to the world that as much as sometimes it can be a scary notion it is essentially the most important thing that any human can do for the world.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Since moving to Glasgow from London I seem to spend a disproportionally large amount of time on trains, planes or automobiles and more often then not a combination of all three in order to get from point A (where I live in Glasgow) to point B (my parents home in London).

There are positive and negative side to all of the potions for travel. Driving takes a long time and it can be very tedious. Although, not being able to drive myself I will admit to sleeping for large chunks of the journey. On the positive side it is very personal, no one leaning over you or pushing against you and with my family you know there will always be a brilliant playlist with imaginative names such as "Glasgow April '09".

As for flying, well every other flight post 9/11 it is far more hassle and stress than it use to be. For a flight that lasts a little over and hour it is possible if not probable that over two hours will be spent in the airport before the gate is announced and this isn't including the delays which are becoming more and more common place. The restrictions on hand luggage cannot be forgotten. After all imagine my horror on realizing I couldn't remember if I had taken the navigational plotters from my computer bag which I was about to put through an xray machine (thankfully I had remembered). there is also the hassle of getting off at the other end. the conclusion I come to in this instance is for such a short flight flying really isn't the fastest choice.

Finally there is the train which I experienced for the first time recently. I will admit four and a half hours is a long time. During which the people next to you will inevitably invade your personal space will not be a highlight. Although all things considered the train is easy, takes less time to get from point A to point B and on the whole is far less stressful.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Happy Ever After Vs. (Pipe) Dream

I often feel torn between all of the things which I want in life and as of yet I am unable to find a solution which I deem as satisfactory.

On one hand there is my fairy tale happy ever after. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, get married, have lots of pretty babies etc. In essence they live happily ever after (does anyone else feel Walt Disney has distorted their views on reality some what? But anyway this is off topic). In personally don't feel that I could be classed as female without wanting it all but, well there always is a but isn't there? How can I have this and my, okay I'll admit it possibly pipe dream, but dream none the less.

The dream of going to the Far East after graduation then on to the US. How can I have both? If i was to get my forever after then surely I would lose it all on my departure post graduation. After all it wouldn't be fair to expect someone else to move across the world from all that they know for the sake of my dream would it? But then I get my dream but no my forever after. Which leads to the question which means more to me? Unfortunately at the moment I don't have a satisfactory answer.