Friday, 7 August 2009

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Since moving to Glasgow from London I seem to spend a disproportionally large amount of time on trains, planes or automobiles and more often then not a combination of all three in order to get from point A (where I live in Glasgow) to point B (my parents home in London).

There are positive and negative side to all of the potions for travel. Driving takes a long time and it can be very tedious. Although, not being able to drive myself I will admit to sleeping for large chunks of the journey. On the positive side it is very personal, no one leaning over you or pushing against you and with my family you know there will always be a brilliant playlist with imaginative names such as "Glasgow April '09".

As for flying, well every other flight post 9/11 it is far more hassle and stress than it use to be. For a flight that lasts a little over and hour it is possible if not probable that over two hours will be spent in the airport before the gate is announced and this isn't including the delays which are becoming more and more common place. The restrictions on hand luggage cannot be forgotten. After all imagine my horror on realizing I couldn't remember if I had taken the navigational plotters from my computer bag which I was about to put through an xray machine (thankfully I had remembered). there is also the hassle of getting off at the other end. the conclusion I come to in this instance is for such a short flight flying really isn't the fastest choice.

Finally there is the train which I experienced for the first time recently. I will admit four and a half hours is a long time. During which the people next to you will inevitably invade your personal space will not be a highlight. Although all things considered the train is easy, takes less time to get from point A to point B and on the whole is far less stressful.

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